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Carol Abbott, Artist     Acrylic, Oil, and Watercolor Portraits of Happy Places

Acrylics on canvas framed like an oil in 8 x 10" frame

"She paints happy," said Frank Farmer Loomis on his radio program KEEP ANTIQUING. Others have remarked “I think your art is joyful and I love it!” and “Your color sense and whimsy are wonderful.”
Find artist Carol Abbott at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio or contact her at:      (513) 252-5685

16 x 20' watercolor on paper

1) Email or mail Carol photos of the place or a street address

2) Agree on a timeframe, style and price and make downpayment

3) Pay the balance when you receive the finished painting

Start here to learn more

9 x 12" mixed media on paper

Gift Certificates or personalize gift items like stationery, clothing, coffee mugs or Christmas ornaments with paintings Carol creates for you ... here

Compare & Contrast Exhibit -- June 2013
Park Natl Bank Gallery, Univ. of Cincinnati Clermont

Visit the artist or see her at work:
Sorry, I will not be there Sept 30, 2016! 
Final Friday
Pendleton Art Center, 6-10 pm
1310 Pendleton, Cinti OH                             Fri Oct 28
What other shows or events should Carol enter or participate in? Please email her your suggestions or put them in the comment forms on this Website!

The Biltmore in Asheville NC, one of America's castles

The Pendleton
Carol's studio is among a community of almost 200 working artists at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati. The Final Friday of every month is “open house” from 6-10 pm – enjoy complimentary food and drinks with hundreds of people visiting the artists' working studios. Valet parking is $ 5 at the front door. See


Furnish photos and the artist will do an original 9"x12" pencil drawing of your home or building for $50.


Should you wish to commission a painting of this same home or building, the full amount you paid for your drawing will be credited toward the price of the painting.


Email photos directly to Carol Abbott at

2 x 3 ft. acrylic painting and 20 x 30 in giclee prints

When visiting Newport on the Levee across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, see Carol's work at Art on the Levee, right near the movie theater box office. In addition to Carol's original paintings, Art on the Levee sells framable greeting cards and limited edition prints of her work, especially "Happy Cincinnati" scenes.


Rather than reproduce realistic or architectural renditions of her subjects, Carol is more interested in exploring the boundaries between recognizable places and abstraction. Much of what you see of a subject in her work wouldn't appear in photographs of the home.



Although she also paints in oils and watercolor, Carol Abbott's preferred medium is acrylics. She typically begins a painting by choosing a color with which to cover the whole canvas. Then she works back and forth between lights and darks, exploiting the transparent nature of the paint, as well as its opacity.


A recent client wrote, “Looks great. You made it look better than it really does.”
Paintings can portray a house in ways photographs cannot.
In a painting, we can trim, plant or remove trees and bushes, make it any season, or turn back the clock to an earlier point in time.

16 x 20 inch mixed media painting $400

In a painting, we can trim, plant or remove trees and bushes, make it any season, or turn back the clock to an earlier point in time.
Some artists feel limited by painting subjects of others’ choosing, but I love to work on commissions, especially the collaborative aspects and the learning that comes from each new project.


Not only does the original painting of the home, building or scene make a wonderful gift. But prints can be made on canvas or fine watercolor paper that are suitable for framing in any size for other family members. Typically these limited edition prints cost between $50-$150 each, unframed.